Since we’re your ultimate source for breaking news several days after it happens, we had already related the story of how the Brazilian press conference for Silva vs Sonnen was delayed an hour so Dana White could convince Anderson to fight in Vegas. Brazilian press spun it like it was only about where the rematch would happen, but Dana is now claiming Andy didn’t want the fight to happen at all:

“When we did the press conference down in Brazil, Silva hadn’t even agreed to fight him,” White said. “That fight wasn’t happening. I had them bring Anderson to the place where the press conference was, and we sat in a room for three hours fighting about the fight.”

“(Silva wants to fight) anybody but Chael,” White said. “He thinks Chael is disrespectful and doesn’t deserve a shot at this title at all. So leading up to the press conference, it was delayed an hour because I was fighting with him in my room.”

On a conference call this past week with media members, Sonnen and White, Silva showed a level of anger toward his opponent he hadn’t displayed before. And his comments have been the story of the fight in the last two weeks leading up to the bout. But White said it even took some battling to get Silva to be on the call – further proof the champion still may be turning up his nose over having to fight Sonnen again.

“He’s pissed at us about that. He’s genuinely mad,” White said. “And that’s part of the reason he flipped out on the call, because he wasn’t even going to get on the call. [UFC vice president of communications] Caren Bell found out in Brazil that he wasn’t going to be on the call, and then I made the call and said, ‘You better be on the call.’ And it led right up until (the call started).”

This all fits in with Anderson’s history of being a giant pain in the ass when it comes to fighting who the UFC wants him to fight. It’s strange though how he never complained when he was fighting the chumpiest set of chumps ever to compete for the middleweight title (Thales Leites?!?), but when it comes to guys like Vitor and Chael he sulks like an 8 year old who doesn’t want to eat his vegetables. I suppose we should just be happy he didn’t end up pulling out of the fight with one of his infamous nagging injuries.