[youtube 3aIAD6o8Ko4]

Prepare to have your bitter jaded hearts warmed by this video of Anderson Silva visiting a sick child at a hospital in Brazil. The story from the video description translated into English:

I received a request from a friend and customer, to know that an idol Anderson Silva was my client, to get an autograph for his son Joao Pedro, 12 years of age, as this could give a force in his recovery. I asked what he had and she told me: “dr. Eduardo, Joao Pedro is extremely active and play sports and wrestling since he was 5 years old (he’s 12 hj). Turns out he had a disease of the femur (Epiphysiolysis) and this 9 months in a wheelchair, has undergone two surgeries and doctors can not take a position if he will walk again and again when it could happen, and adding that Anderson Silva is the great idol of him.

the video images speak for themselves. a spell that gripped everyone and it chills me every time I watch again. renewal of faith, hope, solidarity, made ​​a change in the destiny and life of small Joao Pedro and his family . this was my Easter present … the rest is chocolate egg. According to the own words of Anderson, is better to die for something than live for nothing. And think that each of us can do something to help someone . a good Easter everyone!

And Anderson’s words of encouragement, translated by Redditor Eitjr:

Don’t cry Joao, give me a hug. Give me a good hug! How are you doing dude? How are you man? Let’s get better? Hug me strong dude… Will we get better now? Joao, I want you to do something very important for all of us. I need you to try very hard to get better soon. Minoutauro had the same problem you had and now he’s fighting again. You’ll need to be very strong. I’ll talk with Dr Angela that treated minotauro to help you too so you can go back to you training as fast as you can.

Don’t cry, I want to see you smiling and getting better soon so we can practice together. Promise me! Just don’t choke this old man here!

All in all I’d say a more productive weekend than Wanderlei Silva’s.