Anderson Silva’s manager has been making the rounds, saying a lot of interesting stuff about the Spider’s future. That he’d be retiring in three or four fights. That they didn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen. Now Anderson has come out and personally addressed the situation:

“I’ll fight for another six or seven years and then I’ll stop. I stopped to think about it and I’ll postpone my retirement for a little longer. Then I’ll think about TV. I guess it’s interesting”, said Anderson, who recently had a documentary launched and stared on a soap opera.

On the interview, Anderson also commented on a possibility of fighting Chael Sonnen again.

“He doesn’t deserve to fight me. The most important thing he didn’t do: defeating me. He was caught on the drug test, which was the worse,” Anderson said, making hard critics towards the American.

“I believe he shouldn’t be on the sport, because he has no emotional control. While trying to provoke me, he makes the sport looks bad. He made bad comments, offended me and my wife”, he said.

If only someone could teach him a lesson. Maybe punch him in the face or kick his ass or something. That would be awesome.