[youtube I6Zb92IfHkI]

The UFC must be happy about how everything is coming together perfectly for an Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman rematch. Anderson wants it, Chris wants it, and based on fan reaction, we might want it enough that Cowboys Stadium may be used. Now the fight is official for New Years Eve, and Anderson Silva is so chuffed he made a little video announcing it:

“Yeah guys. My fans and WU FC, and my fans in da word and in United State. Uh. This Edmonton wait I go back to fight. Weidman and Anderson Silva. I back. Trust me. I back.” *smile* *wink*

So no more dancing and dicking around and showboating, which is nice to hear. For all the talk about how it’s been a staple strategy for Silva over the years, his worst fights have always been the ones where he goofs the other guys non-stop (Maia, Leites, Cote). While the times he shows up to fight (Leben, Franklin I-II, Henderson) have earned him a reputation as one of the scariest fighters you’ll ever have to face. I for one welcome back hungry aggressive Anderson Silva, and hope it extends past this fight into the rest of his combat sports career. He can still play a huge role in making huge UFC-changing fights happen, and a superfight with Jon Jones is still something everyone would pay for.