Anderson Silva’s much ballyhooed 10 fight contract has finally been signed but not with all the fanfare and positivity the UFC tried to spin it with. First there were all those false starts where Dana White said the new contract was signed but then it wasn’t, yada yada yada. And now the 10 fight part of it – which was supposed to be the reassurance that Anderson wouldn’t be going anywhere for a long time – is starting to sound more like a general commitment to fighting in the UFC than sticking around for that many fights:

“Maybe there’s a contradiction lost in translation,” Silva told ( through an interpreter. “I wanted to do four more fights, and they said eight, so I said, ‘Whatever. Let’s do eight, 10. Let’s do however many fights you want.’ They got on that ride and offered me 10 fights, and that’s what I signed.”

“It all depends,” Silva said. “Ten fights is about six years, so we’ll see what happens in the meantime. I hope that I’m still inspired and that I still have the will power and the desire to go out there and fight. But I’m happy.

“I’m well-treated by Dana and Lorenzo (Fertitta) and everyone in the UFC, and I hope to continue having this desire to fight and go in there and train. But it’s a matter of time. We have to go in there and see what’s going to happen in the next few years.”

I would be amazed if we get more than five fights out of Anderson, especially if all the big name fighters in weight divisions around him continue to duck out on superfights. We’ve already seen Silva’s attitude towards contenders he considers unworthy either because of skills or draw. Is that problem going to get better or worse over the next few years? Without a fight worth 700,000 PPV buys or more scattered through this new 10 fight contract, his level of interest may be a bigger factor than his aging body in determining his career length.