When Anderson Silva quipped that Georges St Pierre had the chance to set up a fight and passed on it, many wondered if this was regarding the infamous ‘Call’ Dana White says Anderson made to him following Jon Jones’ win against Chael Sonnen. But not only does Silva deny this, he denies ‘The Call’ (always with quotations and capitalization because it was a Very Important Event) even happened:

“I think everyone already knows that I didn’t call Dana,” Silva said on this week’s conference call. “I don’t even have his phone number personally.”

Dana White immediately rebuffed Silva’s claim:

“Ask [Anthony] Pettis if he called me that night [after UFC 156],” White began, referring to Pettis’ text message requesting a fight with UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo. “Jones said he didn’t tell me he wanted to hurt Chael but he did. I think the guys don’t like that I tell the media everything. Roy Nelson and his wife don’t like it either.”

This is a small but important thing to confirm or deny – Dana White’s small promotional claims that this fighter did X or Y often make up the backbone of most fights he promotes. ‘The Call’ was an essential ingredient in White’s narrative that someone was pushing for a superfight. If it never happened, we’ve got a situation where no one has expressed interest in any of these superfights, which is just depressing.