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Back when the UFC was looking for another lamb to the slaughter for an Anderson Silva novelty fight, I suggested Jose ‘Pele’ Landi-Jons. To me, it was the perfect choice: another Brazilian with sterling oldschool credentials who’d actually beaten Anderson twice in muay thai fights. Plus they hated each other, with Pele accusing Anderson of that dishespect and Anderson accusing Pele of swerving his truck into a puddle and intentionally splashing his children.

Yeah, pretty strange stuff. Unfortunately, the UFC went with Stephan Bonnar instead, which leaves the Spider / Pele feud simmering outside the cage. And just last week, it almost boiled over:

Anderson was jogging in the company of a friend when Pelé, who was driving by the location, saw his enemy and decided to go back and confront him about stuff Anderson wrote about Pele in his book. According to witnesses, the only reason they didn’t fight was because Anderson’s friend stopped them.

“I saw him jogging in the runway, turned around and called him out for a fight. He said he would fight me, but soon came a car full of security guards, saying there would be no fight. Anderson started screaming, calling me a punk. I cursed him a lot as well and told him that he is the champion outside, but in Curitiba he is nothing. He always challenged me; I accepted and beat him twice, now I’m challenging him. I wish him a long life with the UFC belt that brings so much pride to the people of Curitiba, but I think we owe it to Curitiba: Anderson x Pele part 3, maybe in a UFC in Curitiba,” Landi-Jons said to PVT translated by Sherdog.

Step one would be, oh I don’t know, actually getting signed to fight in the UFC. Pele hasn’t exactly been all that active since breaking his leg in half Corey Hill style back in 2008. But the fact that he came back from an injury like that and is 4-1 since then is just another testament to his badass nature. The dude’s been fighting since 1993. How would he do against the current generation of UFC middleweight contenders? I dunno, but I would certainly be interested in finding out.