(A fan poster made by an overly optimistic Brazilian)

With Rashad Evans’s barnburner of a fight putting him out of the running for next Anderson Silva victim, all eyes now turn to Chris Weidman. Update em, DW:

“I’d have to say yes,” White told ( at Saturday’s post-UFC 156 presser when asked if Silva vs. Weidman was the next logical booking. “Going into this fight, we wanted to wait. We wanted to see what happened. I liked Weidman for this fight, anyway, so yeah.”

White said he has yet to approach Silva or his camp about the fight but hopes to get something done soon. There are a still a few variables, including Weidman’s continued recovery from a November shoulder surgery.

Those sound like two perfectly realistic fight derailers to me. If I was Vitor Belfort, I’d be reminding people how awesome my knockout of Michael Bisping was. But will he even be available to fight? Vitor being on PEDs coming into the Bisping fight was this huge elephant in the room, which is probably why a rumor that his drug test came back positive swept across the internet so quickly. But not so fast! Dana White squashed that story on Saturday night:

“It f***ing was not Vitor Belfort. Yet right now, I bet if you talk to a hundred people, a hundred people will tell you that Vitor Belfort failed his drug test in Brazil. That’s bulls**t, that’s crazy, that some rumor from a f***ing clown with a fake name on Twitter can do that. It’s crazy.”

The results come back sometime today and the big question is would this newfangled Brazilian commission even reveal if Vitor Belfort was using testosterone replacement therapy if he’d gotten it approved? In Toronto, they revealed that *someone* had been given a TUE but refused to name names. Is that the game we’re going to play again?

Testosterone aside, there’s also the fact that the UFC isn’t planning on going down to Brazil during the scheduled time for Anderson Silva’s fight. And if you’re going to do Anderson / Vitor 2, it’s gotta be in Brazil. And if the UFC books the fight but throws it in the wrong country, it will be a sign that they’re getting overly rigid with their advance touring schedule.