No, not the entire promotion, although I understand why that wouldn’t be too surprising for anyone either. But the September 29th Melendez vs Healy fight card has been completely scrapped. Finito. Cancelled. Gilbert Melendez suffered a shoulder injury in training and that was more than the card could handle. The next biggest names on the card were Josh Thomson and Jorge Santiago. Apparently that’s not good enough, even by Showtime standards.

“When Showtime informed us that it would not be airing the event, we made the difficult decision to cancel Saturday’s card in Sacramento,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker stated in a release. “Without a television partner, we simply could not move forward with this event. We wish Gilbert a speedy recovery and will work diligently and quickly to reschedule the fighters affected by this news on upcoming cards.”

The hits just keep coming for Zuffa, man. Last year the UFC struggled with fight cancellations but managed to keep things rolling. This year, not so much: this will be fight card number four the company has had to shut down: what was originally supposed to be UFC 145 in Montreal on March 24th was cancelled before being officially announced due to a lack of decent main events. You don’t need me to remind you about UFC 151. But also quietly cancelled 3 days before tickets were supposed to go on sale was UFC on FX 5, which you might recognize better as the event that would have lead into this season’s TUF 16 premiere.

Now we can add Strikeforce: Melendez vs Healy to the list and four just seems like an awful lot of Not Happening when compared to past years. Add in the fact that UFC 149 probably should have been shitcanned too and it underscores what a twisted bitch the Gypsy Curse lady is.

But other than recognizing that the cancellation of this Strikeforce event is bad for business and all the athletes, I can’t really be too upset about the loss of a card that I was only vaguely aware was even going on next week. And at this point I will accept the sacrifice of this Strikeforce show on the alter of whatever cruel gods are punishing the sport of MMA, all in the vain hope that it will somehow prevent another snafu from crippling a card that actually matters. UFC 154, I am looking at you.