Greg Jackson talks to Sherdog about Jon Jones’ arm:

“It didn’t dislocate or anything,” Jackson told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “I’m sure it’s just strained, and maybe a bursa sac or two went out, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything major.”

“It’s a personal choice, and when there’s a lot on the line, like a world title, I think that’s what you have to do,” Jackson said of Jones’ refusal to tap. “You have to kind of have that mentality where you’re not going to get stopped. As you’re coming up [the ranks], it’s a personal choice for the fighter, but it’s not nearly as important. When you’ve got your world title on the line, it becomes pretty important. It’s a good mentality to have. I was very proud of him for just saying, you know what, I’m going to gut through it and get through it. I thought it was kind of inspirational.”

Well this is a positive turn. I was worried maybe Jones would take this as an excuse for a yearlong vacation or something. You figure stubborn warriurs not tapping to armbars would be common enough in MMA that we’d know pretty much off the bat how long a dude will be out when his arm gets bent backwards, but there was some serious anxiety over the severity of this one. What with the gypsy curse lady still at large and everything…