And it only took a death to make it happen.

In response the Michigan House of Representatives passed legislation that would regulate amateur mixed martial arts in the state.

Considering the voting took place in the wake of a death the margin of victory was a 106-3 vote. The bill now goes on to the state Senate’s committee on regulatory reform. The bill includes a variety of safety precautions for the fighters and promoters. Promoters will be required to have on-site doctor and ambulance at all events. Common sense precautions like physicals and blood tests will be required by all fighters participating in the event.

And just for some more perspective on how bad things were…

“An absolute disgrace,” said Santana, who Wednesday pushed through a package of bills in the state House of Representatives in Lansing that would regulate amateur MMA fights in Michigan under the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs’ Unarmed Combat Commission.

“A guy with a crappy record fought two bouts on the same night. He came back against an opponent with a 7-1 record and gets the (expletive) knocked out of him and is KO’d. In the main event, a fighter got gouged in the eye and an EMT — there wasn’t a doctor at cage side — has to run to the concession stand to get a couple of brown napkins to clear out the mess.”