Way back in December, UFCJunkie.com made a post about UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste making fun of a nonsense blog entry on her Myspace page:

Sadly, if she were ugly, most people would call her borderline-retarded after reading that. Instead, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, so idiot males like me find it cute and adorable and totally forgiveable.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when UFCCountdown.com interviewed Arianny and asked her this Pulitzer prize winning question:

Q7: UFCJunkie.com once commented that you are “borderline retarded” , you have any words about them?

Now I’m a bit worried … I thought I had found my niche in the MMA blogosphere as the asshole, but the Countdown guys are beating me at my own game. I’m gonna have to get Arianny on the phone and take it one step further: “Yo, TopDude69 posted on the Underground that he’d like to lick your tight asshole, what are your thoughts on that?”