In case you were wondering where Eddie Alvarez’s head is now that he’s had his final fight with Bellator…

“I’ve got to be honest with you,” Alvarez told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show Wednesday. “I’m going to go to the highest bidder. That’s how it’s going to go. If anybody judges me or tells me I’m wrong because of that, I’m sorry. I have a different situation than maybe whoever’s judging me, but my services are going 100-percent to the highest bidder.”

“I already spoke with Bjorn Rebney,” Alvarez said. “I actually spoke with him the night of the fight. He was really excited and pretty pumped up. He was basically telling me that the next move is to sit down with him and some of the people at Viacom and see where their heads are at and where they want to move to. Then after that, I believe, in the contract it says you can start getting offers from other places or what not. I think it’s only fair — Bellator’s taken care of me for four years and their main thing is, they did what they always said they were going to do. We started on a tiny little network on ESPN Deportes and moved all the way to Spike. Now, starting next year, Bellator’s going to be a serious, serious promotion to reckon with. I’m happy to be in the family and happy to work with the guys. We’ll see what happens.”

As far as where he stands contractually:

Bellator, with whom he’s fought since the company’s debut event in April 2009, has a 90-day period in which it can negotiate exclusively with the former lightweight champion. Bellator will maintain the right to match competing contract offers for an unspecified window after the 90-day time frame.

It won’t be too difficult for the UFC to outbid for Eddie’s services. All they need in there is a PPV % for headlining a card and that’s the end of the matching game for Bellator. That’s still a little risky for Alvarez though … a couple of losses and he could find himself closer to the prelims than the main event.