Five Ounces of Pain’s picks are in for our UFC 135 pick’em bet and look at this: we picked so many fights the same that it all comes down to who wins Nate Diaz vs Takanori Gomi and Ben Rothwell vs Mark Hunt. We’ve got Nate and Ben, Five Ounces has Gomi and Hunt. All the other picks are the same, although we have several finishing methods differently (which will be helpful in case of a dreaded tie).

I must say, I’m feeling pretty good about our chances here. Seasoned bettors know you never gamble on the Japanese (statistical fact), and Ben Rothwell has been talking about his training camp boyfriend / wrasslin superstar Ben Askren all week. That does not bode well for Mr Hunt. No sir, it does not.

The nitty gritty pick comparison after the jump!

Jon Jones vs Quinton Jackson
Five Ounces: Jon Jones (TKO)
Fightlinker: Jon Jones (Sub)

Matt Hughes vs Josh Koscheck
Five Ounces: Josh Koscheck (KO)
Fightlinker: Josh Koscheck (KO)

Travis Browne vs Rob Broughton
Five Ounces: Travis Browne (KO)
Fightlinker: Travis Browne (KO)

Nate Diaz vs Takanori Gomi
Five Ounces: Takanori Gomi (KO)
Fightlinker: Nate Diaz (Sub)

Ben Rothwell vs Mark Hunt
Five Ounces: Mark Hunt (KO)
Fightlinker: Ben Rothwell (Sub)

Tony Ferguson vs Aaron Riley
Five Ounces: Tony Ferguson (KO)
Fightlinker: Tony Ferguson (KO)

Tim Boetsch vs Nick Ring
Five Ounces: Tim Boetsch (Dec)
Fightlinker: Tim Boetsch (Dec)

Junior Assuncao vs Eddie Yagin
Five Ounces: Junior Assuncao (Sub)
Fightlinker: Junior Assuncao (Sub)

Takeya Mizugaki vs Cole Escovedo
Five Ounces: Takeya Mizugaki (Dec)
Fightlinker: Takeya Mizugaki (Dec)

James Te Huna vs Ricardo Romero
Five Ounces: James Te Huna (KO)
Fightlinker: James Te Huna (KO)