Alistair Overeeem’s NSAC hearing is over and done with. The result? He was denied a license to fight in Nevada, and won’t be eligible to apply for another anywhere in North America for 9 months. So it’s basically a suspension, and rightfully so considering how lame his defense was. MMA Junkie’s resident doctor takes a look at how Alistair’s “my doctor got testosterone in my anti-inflammatory” excuse holds up:

It is not uncommon for injured contact- or combat-sports athletes to require anti-inflammatory injections during their training. These injections usually consist of a short-acting anesthetic (lidocaine, xylocaine or marcaine) plus a glucocorticoid (cortisone). This injection immediately numbs the injury, and the cortisone provides longer lasting anti-inflammatory properties.

These injections are legal but must be disclosed on any and all pre-competition or random-screening paperwork.

Cortisone is a glucocorticoid steroid, which is much different than an anabolic steroid such as testosterone (T) and many of the synthetic performance-enhancing drugs (PED) with which the sporting world is unfortunately all too familiar.

Testosterone is never included in these injections for any legitimate purposes.

And MMA Fighting takes a closer look at Overeem’s doctor:

[R]eputable isn’t the first word that leaps to mind when you look at Molina’s track record. Almost as soon as he was finished stammering his way through a series of non-committal, unconvincing answers before the NSAC, a few quick Google searches revealed that he’d previously been fined $25,000 by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners for supplying prescriptions to strangers through online pharmacies. He’s also involved in something called the “Men’s Performance Enhancement Clinic,” which boasts on its website of its “anti-aging, wellness, weight loss programs and testosterone replacement therapy for men of all ages.”

There’s nothing there about his expertise treating rib injuries, but how could you go wrong with a doctor who was, according to reports, sued just last year for improperly performing a plastic surgery procedure known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift”?

Sound sketchy enough for you yet? You all know me … I loves me a good steroid excuse. I even kinda sorta think Cris Cyborg is innocent, so that shows you how gullible I am. But this one is just stupid and to a degree I’m more pissed off with Overeem lying than actually doing the steroids. So every time there’s evidence implying Overeem lied or is using steroids, I’ll throw it up on the site. Just for the record. Like Marloes Coenen commenting on the situation:

“We know a lot of things about Alistair, a lot of negative things but we never talked about it and knew that the truth would come out.”