Here’s what Alistair Overeem has to say about his recent steroid situation:









It’s been nearly two days since his T/E ratio was found to be 14:1, a slightly suspicious ratio. Maybe we can blame the silence on Overeem’s personal assistant – you know, the one that dropped the ball so conveniently when Overeem missed the NSAC’s first random testing. Or maybe it’s Authentic Sports Management at the helm, and they’ve got a plan for minimizing the sh*tstorm Alistair finds himself in. Maybe dropping a short and simple statement over the weekend while everyone is vibing on Jesus and eating Matzos might minimize the story a little? 

At this point I’m thinking a straight up admission would be such a refreshing change of pace that it might be better than whatever goofy denial I’m sure is in store for us. From there he just needs to disappear from the public eye for a while and he’ll be halfway towards pulling off a Carwin.