God bless lawsuits involving fighter contracts. The UFC does it’s darndest to make sure no one ever knows for sure how much everyone else is making, so the only time we really get to find out is when the books are cracked open in legal proceedings. The last time this happened it was with Randy Couture, and everyone has based their MMA pay guestimates for the past four years with the help of Randy Math. Now, based off the info pulled from the lawsuit his management company has lost, we have the Overeem Equation:

Pursuant to the terms of Overeem’s UFC contract as outlined in the complaint, he is guaranteed a “bout fee” of $264,285 on Dec. 30. Should he defeat Lesnar, Overeem would receive an additional $121,428 “win bonus.” Overeem is also in line to receive a $2 pay-per-view bonus per viewer, “for all revenues received by UFC-Zuffa for telecast of the Lesnar fight in the United States, Canada or over the internet in excess of $500,000.”

Terms of the contract also guarantee Zuffa would pay Overeem $1 million spread out evenly over the first three fights of his deal, which is potentially good for up to eight bouts. Overeem is also expected to receive intellectual property payments for worldwide marketing of his likeness or image.

There had been the possibility following his fight with Lesnar that Overeem might not be getting paid his purse. Golden Glory had managed to get an injunction on the money right before the fight went down, but there was a condition: they had to put up a $200k bond. When they weren’t able to pull that off, the money ended up in Overeem’s pocket. Maybe that’s the kind of failure to dot i’s and cross t’s that Alistair was complaining about when he split up with them.

As for how much Overeem made on this fight based on the above contract and an estimate of 800,000 PPV buys … $264,285 show + $121,428 win + $333,000 signing + $1,580,000 PPV = $2,298,713. Not bad for two and a half minute’s work!