Now before you suffer from a rage induced seizure and your neck muscles choke off the flow of blood to your brain, let me clarify: Overeem isn’t CLAIMING he’s got low testosterone and needs testosterone replacement therapy. The Nevada State Athletic Commission tested him after his ill-fated fight with Bigfoot Silva, and his testosterone levels were ‘below the normal testing range.’

Overeem, along with the other 21 fighters on the UFC 156 card, tested clean for performance-enhancing drugs, recreational drugs and drugs of abuse in a post-fight drug test. But Overeem was required to take a blood test in addition to the standard urinalysis.

[W]ith his blood test form his UFC 156 fight, his testosterone total level actually fell below the normal range of 250-1,100 nano grams per deciliter (ng/dL). Overeem’s total testosterone came in at 179 from the test, which was administered the morning after the fight at 8:25 a.m. on Feb. 3.

All other levels within the blood test came back within the normal reference range.

So shockingly enough, Alistair Overeem probably has less testosterone than you! I hope that makes you feel extra terrible about your slobby gut. There are UFC fighters who would kill for the natural testosterone production you so flippantly squander.