Check out this picture of Aleksander Emelianenko baking bread at a monastery in Buttfuck Nowhereslav, Russia Greece. A number of shots like this have shown up recently as Aleks learns simple Russian trades in a simple Russian environment. Why? Perhaps as penance for this ugly little incident that just wrapped up:

Alexander Emelianenko has been fined after pleading guilty to harassing passengers and crew on an airplane, Russian prosecutors said Monday.

A video of the incident spread quickly on the Internet. In the clip, Emelianenko appears to be drunk as he scuffles with passengers and crew.

“During the flight, the renowned athlete caused a breach of public order, spoke loudly, molested passengers, provoked them into fights, did not react to remarks from the cabin crew, demanded liquor, used foul language, smoked in the airplane,” Barnaul transport prosecutors said in a statement issued to media.

Emelianenko, 31, admitted a low-level hooliganism charge and was fined 700 rubles ($22.70), prosecutors said.

Wow, 22 bucks. This is where it’s good to have a brother who literally rubs shoulders with Vladamir Putin on a regular basis. If Aleks happened to be a woman who at the same time said something negative about the corrupt Orthodox church, he could have ended up in a gulag for 22 years.

There are those, however, who suspect that his brother Fedor is responsible both for him getting off so lightly on the airplane rap and Aleks’ ‘decision’ to spend half a year living in a monastery. That certainly seems like Fedor’s bag more than Aleks’, so just in case you thought Aleksander wasn’t punished harshly enough, just imagine what time they make you get up at places like that.


Those ornate headboards ain’t gonna carve themselves!