Hot on the heels of the news that Affliction is talking to Brett Rogers as a possible opponent from Josh Barnett, we have an interview between Aleks Emelianenko and where Aleks claims he’s next for Barnett:

– When and where you do plan to conduct the following battle?

– Already there is understanding, that on January 24 at the show, which organize the companies Of affliction and M -1 Of global, I will conduct match- revenge with the former champion OF UFC Josh Barnett. But there is the probability that before this I will come out at the traditional new-year show in Japan. But the negotiations about this duel still continue.

So it’s interesting that everyone is thinking about Aleks for this match … everyone except Affliction who are thinking Brett Rogers. What’s up with that? More ‘paperwork issues’ for Fedor’s lil bro?