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Is this the end of the Emelianenkos? Fedor’s little brother Aleksander has officially announced he will retire on his Facebook page:

Dear fans, I want to thank you for your support, for having supported me despite everything, what about me talking.

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to speak in the ring because of health problems caused by old injuries. Of course, I like the athlete is very hard to realize.

I am grateful to your fans and partners for their support, for believing in me, I am grateful to my ill-wishers. Your passion can be always made me move forward and achieve new results.

I realize now that I was struck by a barrage of accusations and negative criticism, do not related to my direct supervision. Unfortunately, there will always be people who will want in any negative situation for me to score a lot of points. I wouldn’t want to comment on something, explain or justify themselves. Each of us makes in life and the bad and good. That is our essence. I’m sure did a lot of sports, by their example drew many young people in gyms. The rest of us can judge God and time.

Now I want to give up any publicity and to take control of your health, your family, that I had lost my daughter, whom I love very much. Maybe sometime we’ll meet with you again. Thank you! Be well and believe in God!

Your AE

This would be a sad day for MMA if Aleks’ last three years of competition hadn’t been tainted by the rumor that he was fighting with a contagious form of hepatitis. If you ever wanted to see what a failure on the part of MMA’s fourth estate looks like, check out all the articles talking about Aleks without mentioning that slightly important possibility. But now that he’s retired, we can stop complaining about that and go back to appreciating AE’s special brand of dead-eyed brutality and epic run of violence in PRIDE.