Fedor’s little brother Aleks throws in his two rubles on what’s wrong with Fedor, and he points directly at the trainers:

“They sat like two amoebas, and did not know what to say. They were asked direct questions and would say, “It is difficult to say… we will see in the fight,” – what kind of a coach says that? Only one who doesn’t understand the sport. I just call them ‘Stopwatch’ and  ‘Towel’. That’s as much use as they are, that’s it,” Aleks snarled.

“[MMA] is constantly improving, but ‘Stopwatch’ and ‘Towel’ have not changed anything in the program – just frozen in time and not been able to develop the base that Fedor already has. Fedor could train himself, he must take on it personally, to rethink many of the training points to learn and develop. Suffer and work!

“We’ll talk with Fedor – whether he wants to change something in his preparation. If he wants to, I will make the effort.”

It is true that Fedor’s recent ‘camp overhauls’ have been little more than tiny tweaks on par with Crocop’s decision to train with the other guy in Zagreb, Croatia. A little bit of time in Holland might be nice for the tulips and pot cookies, but it isn’t going to change the world in terms of training results.

Now if you thought those comments were kinda heavy, wait until you hear the response it prompted from Sergei Kharitonov:

“I know that for the present moment Alex doesn’t have neither house nor home. He has spend everything on drink. He doesn’t have a flat, doesn’t have a car. And the only way to make some money for him is to give a scandalous interview and to attract some attention to his person,” he said.

“He is will try anything to get a bout. He even came to Fedor’s camp with the hope that Fedor would help him to organize a fight somewhere. But he is washed-up… He talked trash about Fedor’s trainers. He supposes Fedor will praise him and will take his side. Fedor is not a fool and there is a possibility he will break the relations with Alex.

“He will probably communicate with him occasionally, Alex is his brother, his blood after all, otherwise Fedor would send him to hell.”

Send him to hell? In Russia, you aren’t told to go to hell. You are SENT there by whomever you happen to have pissed off.

There’s some more explosive stuff in there, like Kharitonov commenting on Aleks’ criminal past and all that Hepatitis stuff. I think it’s the first time anyone from that scene has publicly commented on that situation. Lesson to learn here? Don’t mess with Towel and Stopwatch. They’re protected dudes.