There’s been a worrisome amount of injuries lately … fortunately, most of them involving fights lower down the cards. No one was all that broken up when an injured Joe Proctor had to pull out of his UFC 159 fight with TUF finalist Al Iaquinta. In fact, it almost turned into a blessing in disguise as everyone’s favorite Irish welfare bum Conor McGregor offered to step up:

conortweetAlso gaming twitter in search of a quick jump into the UFC was one handed beast Nick Newell:

nicknewelltweetAlas, neither great options will come to fruition as Iaquinta quickly took the opportunity to pull out as well, citing a leg injury that was getting progressively worse rather than better:

“I have been training through an injury to my leg the past six weeks, re-injuring it again a little more seriously last Saturday,” said Iaquinta, in an interview with FightLine Thursday. “I was going to push through it and fight anyway. When I heard Joe pulled out, I decided not to fight at UFC 159 and rehab my injury back to 100-percent before taking another fight.”

Damn, that went from boring to interesting to nothing in record time. At least Nick Newell may still end up doing some cool things soon – it sounds like the World Series of Fighting might be snatching him up.

(pic via MMA Weekly)