All four American Kickboxing Academy fighters won their fights at the Strikeforce HWGP semifinals card last weekend, and AKA trainer Javier Mendez was like, “holy shit, I wasn’t expecting that”:

“I was confident, honestly, with 3-1. I was hoping for four, but my concern was Mike Kyle.”

But he wasn’t concerned about Kyle losing again because of an egregious foul or because of karma giving him scrotum cancer. No, Mendez was actually concerned because Kyle couldn’t spar due to the broken hand that forced him to withdraw from an April fight against Gegard Mousasi:

“He just got through going through a broken hand. He didn’t get to spar [in training]. We didn’t want him sparring because we were afraid he would re-break his hand. So I was concerned with him. I wasn’t concerned with Mo [Lawal], wasn’t concerned with Daniel [Cormier], but I was most confident in Luke.”

While it’s comforting to think that maybe Mendez was subconsciously trying to get Kyle’s face smashed in for his past history of being a complete dick to other fighters’ no-no zones, and while it’s nice to hear a coach being honest about the fact that on a big team, some losses are as inevitable as Joe Son getting ass raped in prison, we are much more used to hearing coaches express complete confidence in their fighters.