After dropping three of his last four fights – the last one by a 31 second hard-to-the-body knockout courtesy of Chad Mendes, former guillotine master Cody McKenzie curiously determined that he has as good a shot as anyone of being Frankie Edgar’s featherweight debut opponent because, well, he’s a little off in the head apparently. Don’t get me wrong, I respect a guy who can make shameless Twitter pleas that have absolutely no chance in hell of coming to fruition. He probably isn’t afraid of rejection, and hence gets a lot of tail up there in Seattle. Granted, it’s probably vegan tail that smells like armpits, but its action nonetheless.

In this regard, however, Cody may want to consider his future employment status. One more loss and he’s probably a goner. So the obvious question is: Why on God’s green earth would a guy in that situation request a fight with someone who will destroy him? If you can answer that question you’re smarter than I am. So what do you say, comrades? Is this guy crazy, stupid, or just that much of an “I don’t give a fuck” badass?