When Affliction released it’s nearly completed lineup last week, I figured they must have something good in the oven for Josh Barnett. Visions of Aleks Emelianenko danced through my head, along with little phantom droplets of questionable blood. But if that was the plan, you can consider it pretty much squelched. Word is now that Affliction is trying to lock down Brett the Grim Rogers to fight Barnett.

That’s not to say this fight is gonna happen. If I was Rogers’ management I would turn this fight down like Josh was the one with Hepatitis. Rogers is a promising heavyweight, but he’s getting set up to lose here. If he takes this fight it means his ego has gotten out of check. Could he win? Sure, he has a chance at knocking Barnett out. Would I bet on it? Fuck no. So why should Rogers bet his immediate career on it? The dude got some retarded mileage from beating James Thompson and some born again crack head. But please don’t think that makes him ready to face one of the top five heavyweights in the world. That logic makes baby Jesus cry.

It’s matchmaking like this that annoys the shit out of me. I’ll leave it to the jackals in the forums to point out the 50+ heavyweights that would make a bigger, better, more competitive match. But yeah … there are way better matches out there to be made.

Just to make you guys cry a little more: check out this article from June of 2006 where it looked like Josh and Dana were getting ready to kiss and making up. Unfortunately, Josh pissed off both the UFC and ProElite by being a total contract cock tease before running off to Affliction. And now he has potential opponents like Brett Rogers. Yay. The fans win.