Last week, the World Anti Drug Agency announced that they were increasing the threshold for a positive weed test from 15 ng/mL to 150 ng/mL, effectively taking care of that stupid issue where guys failed their drug test over a toke or two earlier that month. Will the Association of Boxing Commissions (the umbrella organization for all American commissions overseeing MMA) follow suit? We’ll find out soon:

The Association of Boxing Commissions will soon examine and consider the World Anti-Doping Agency’s new marijuana threshold.

The ABC’s medical committee will convene for a teleconference on May 28, during which the regulatory body will discuss, among other topics, WADA’s new stance on cannabis. According to Dr. Sherry Wulkan, the ABC’s medical chair, the committee will draft a policy statement to be presented to the ABC during the group’s annual conference this August in Texas.

“In combat sports, marijuana may be used for purposes of elevating pain threshold. There is also a concern as to whether reaction time may be altered with use,” Wulkan told “Therefore, at present, the 15ng/mL rule still applies. Whether [therapeutic use exemptions] should be granted for medicinal purposes will be one of the topics for discussion next week.”

It’s not a good sign that Wulkan brings up a questionable attribute of weed that definitely isn’t a factor at 15 ng/mL. But I have high hopes that sanity wins out on this one and the ABC goes along with WADA’s recommendations like they do with every other banned substance. If they wanna keep trying to catch fighters who are literally high while fighting, they can go nuts. They’ll probably only catch Nick Diaz from that point onwards. But this overturning of wins because of a miniscule trace of marijuana is an affront to the sport and not what drug testing should be concentrating on.

(pic via Joe Camporeale for USA Today)