[youtube vh0Jb8OrSPA]

Holy shit, someone from a fight commission might actually be held accountable for a fuckup they made during an event! Remember those missing six seconds from the Falcao / Harris fight that probably saved Harris from getting subbed out? Michigan’s Bureau of Commercial Services has filed a complaint against the timekeeper. But lest you think the government is ever efficient unless it’s related to jailing, fining, or taxing it’s citizens…

The state commission will determine whether or not to take disciplinary action against Daher after the complaint advances through the contested case hearing process, where he will have the opportunity to defend the allegations.

Daher has 15 days to reply to the formal complaint, dated Jan. 13, by opting for a compliance/settlement conference or a formal administrative hearing. A conference could be scheduled in as little as two weeks, while it would take six weeks to appoint an adminstrative judge for a formal hearing.

The commission will then decide upon a penalty that could include a fine, a suspension or revocation of license.

Jesus Christ. It’s pretty goddamn simple: look at the fricking video. Slap the timekeeper upside the head. Say ‘Screw up like that again and you’re fired!’ Case closed.