So I came across this website called – it’s a new stats website that’s kinda like a mix of the Sherdog Fightfinder and FightMetric Lite. They’ve got information on a lot of the upper echelon UFC fighters and most of the important international guys ‘n girls as well.

The whole thing seems to be data-based, which works for some clear-cut categories: for example, the three fastest finishers in the sport are Ronda Rousey (106 seconds average), Alistair Overeem (213 seconds), and Melvin Manhoef (239 seconds). That’s simple math, and it works. But sometimes it produces wacky results – like Matt Hughes being ranked #4 pound-for-pound fighter in the world while Jon Jones and Anderson Silva languish at #8 and #9, respectively. Junior Dos Santos is #1 despite just losing to #2 Cain Velasquez. Maybe the computer took Junior’s ‘personal problems’ into consideration
when sorting everything out.

Overall though, the site is pretty sweet and a nice graphical upgrade over other fight record systems. It’ll be interesting to see what other data they add into the system over time – a few more categories and stats and this could become a pretty interesting site to pump for information.