From the greatest artists to the youngest children to complete retards, it’s always a sure thing that in some way, shape, or form, what comes out when people put pen to paper reflects what is going on in their heads. In my case, that would indicate that I love the color orange and have a borderline psychotic obsession with human feces. Now let us consider the writings of a judge from the James Thompson-Mariusz Pudzianowski fight from last weekend, whose scorecard was emailed to various MMA websites. His cogent, lucid writings reflect such intense focus on the solemn duties of an MMA judge that my head exploded at the very thought of his concentration. I am now typing this while looking out of my bloody neck stump after retrieving my eyeballs by searching with my hands.

When we heard that Pudzianowski’s win was changed to a no contest after a judge admitted he accidentally gave the ref a different winner than he had on his scorecard, we simply figured that a little too much vodka and beer must have been passed around. Because, you know, that mistake is totally understandable and impossible to prevent. Just a little slip of the tongue. But when we see the above picture, it is clear that the judges at this event were less “knowledgeable professionals” than “juvenile graffiti taggers”.

The judge evidently gives a shout-out to a bunch of people from Copacabana Fight Club and draws an incomprehensible figure with geometrically arranged letters calling someone named Coco the king. All we can conclude for sure from seeing him write these things in this forum is that he would really like to be a rapper but has no talent. But it is deeply disturbing that a judge could spend half the fight card drawing little stick figures and either not pay attention to the fights or (even more depressingly) somehow think that judging decisions can be made based on whatever the stick figures tally. If he wants to make meaningful decisions based on infantile drawings, shouldn’t he be drawing fists to represent punches or cocks and balls for grit and determination?

But the most interesting thing about the scorecard above is that this idiot is the judge who (one could argue) scored the bout CORRECTLY- just think of what the judges who scored it wrong must have been writing.

After the jump, a freshly ‘fooked en my arse’ James Thompson talks about how he seems to keep getting screwed over. Worth watching if you can’t wait till the next Guy Ritchie movie for your fix of funny British accents.
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