Reader Posts are awesome … they’ve been embraced across the blogosphere from DailyKOS to Destructoid to BloodyElbow. While some people see them as the watering down of blogs, I say hey … people used to say blogs were the watering down of journalism too. Reader blogs often present interesting or unpopular opinions that cause good discussion. And sometimes they dig up shit like today, where a reader blog on BloodyElbow found a picture of Matt Hughes holding up a signed white supremacist shirt:

After an extensive search through cyber space, I stumbled upon a rather unsavoury “white boy” racist supremacy type website. Which included a picture that clearly showed former two time world UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes with a t-shirt emblazoned with racist logos across the front and back which include the words “white boy” and “speak english mother******, in a pose that almost seemed to endorse the product.

Now, giving The ex champ the benefit of the doubt, He could easily not of read the words on the shirt before signing it, holding it up, posing to camera and letting someone take his photo. Really though, in this media savvy day and age, can anyone in the public eye, on the international stage have the shear stupidity to show himself with white supremacist paraphenalia, can ignorance really be an excuse, would we tolerate our politicians, movie stars or highest profile sports stars making such a mistake.

For those wondering if Matt Hughes knew what he was holding up: you can see his signature right below the WHITE BOY text and the skull with the Nazi SS symbol. Perhaps Matt will claim he’s illiterate? God knows, those who have read his book might be inclined to believe that excuse.