Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson – making his first attempt to weigh-in at middleweight – stepped on the scales at a whopping 197 pounds. This may be the worst case of a fighter missing weight in a major fight ever, which is especially ironic considering Rumble was coming up from 170 pounds for this. So what was the excuse?

“It was medical reasons, it wasn’t for lack of effort,” Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management said. “The UFC was extremely supportive and said health comes first.”

Johnson is said to have been on target to make weight, but the sudden onset of sickness and instability prompted UFC doctors to examine him, administering fluids to the fighter in hopes to improve his condition. The addition of fluids to his system undid some weight that he had cut, making it much more difficult for the fighter to make weight on the official day.

So he got sick while cutting and needed to be rehydrated, huh? Doesn’t sound like much of an excuse to me. Or to the Dana:

“Complete and absolute unprofessionalism – that’s what happened,” said White to MMAJunkie. “There’s no other way it can be explained.”

“His job is on the line,” the incensed executive continued. “His job is absolutely on the line, win or lose.”

Which means you can pretty much throw out Johnson’s expected gameplan of climbing on Vitor and riding him for 15 minutes like he did with Dan Hardy. Who knows how high the bar is for Rumble to keep his job? Will a big exciting knockout save him? Or is it gonna take something up there with the Pettis matrix kick? I’d almost feel bad for the guy now, but he already used up all his whoopsies cards by missing weight twice before, once by 6.5 pounds and the other by 5 pounds. Three strikes and you’re out.