It certainly represents a low point in a fighter’s career when he is cut from a video game. On Friday, over a dozen fighters learned that they will no longer be receiving the grand sum of zero dollars from the generous Zuffa sign-or-die likeness “agreement” because they have been deleted from the newest version of UFC’s video game. The list of lightweight and light heavyweight fighters cut from UFC Undisputed 3 appeared on BloodyElbow: Caol Uno, Keith Jardine, Cole Miller, Krzysztof Soszynski, Luiz Cane, Hermes Franca, Mark Coleman, Jens Pulver, Stephan Bonnar, Joe Lauzon, Steve Cantwell, Kenny Florian, Kurt Pellegrino, Nate Diaz, Spencer Fisher, Terry Etim, and Tyson Griffin.

Some of these changes could have been reasonably expected, such as the removals of Steve Cantwell (participated in a snoozefest with Mike Massenzio at UFC 136), Krzysztof Soszynski (claimed that 85% of all fighters are juicing), and the unanimously-loved Hermes Franca (who recently gave new meaning to his silly, cute clown hair when he was arrested for unlawful sexual penetration of a minor). It’s also nice to see the addition of “The Janitor” Vladimir Matyushenko; rumor has it that up-down-up-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-start unleashes his deadly broomhandle sodomy move.

But it’s hard to understand why some fighters were cut from the game. Nate Diaz’s trouncing of Takanori Gomi was like watching a grown man beat up a kid, although I suppose that in his case, the lack of a double-bird-flip-plus-triangle special move may have caused some frustration on the part of gamers. The biggest WTF of the roster announcements comes as we learn that Joe Lauzon has been taken out of the game and Melvin Guillard added. Joe Lauzon just took out Melvin Guillard in impressive fashion, but I suppose that Melvin’s ballooned-up muscles and baby-shit blonde hair must be more fun to render in polygon form than the computer-nerd-meets-serial-murderer visage of Joe Lauzon.