We’re still working on figuring out how the fuck to get to the XMMA event tonight … it’s up in Laval, far far far away from us and any kind of public transportation. We’re such limp-wristed city slickers that we don’t even know anyone with a car, and to taxi up there would bankrupt Fightlinker faster than leaving $kala in charge. So if you’re in the city and going to the event, get in touch!

If you’re not in the city and are looking for something to do tonight, then I’d recommend tuning into the Calzaghe / Jones Jr fight. Kevin Iole says the odds are 4-1 in favor of Joe Calzaghe, and if you believe him on that (he has a habit of being shaky on numbers but as dumb as he is with MMA, boxing is his bread and butter) then BetUS has an edge on him at -240. Roy Jones Jr is sitting in at +190 which isn’t really anything to write home about.

But one thing I noticed with boxing odds is they sure do get a fuckload more prop options than MMA. You’ve got odds bumps for betting on a stoppage, and then insane odds for picking a round when the stoppage occurs. Not that this is likely … neither fighter has finished a match outside of a judge’s decision in a long time.

And I guess that’s the problem with boxing and tonight’s fight. For sure I expect it to be an exciting bout, but only in the context of boxing. A knockout is possible, but not very likely. Still, there’s a decent chance Roy Jones Jr is gonna come out and pull off an upset, and both fighters are known for exciting performances. Whereas I have largely given up on boxing after trying to get into it a while back, I’ll definitely be checking out this fight. Competitive fights between two exciting top fighters happens way too rarely in boxing to pass up.