Anyone who remembers when Mark Hunt posted this video of that giant crater in his leg after having an infected hematoma operated  on will be absolutely disgusted to hear that he’s back in the hospital for round two after his body rejected the skin graft.  From his facebook:

well troops jus wanted u guys to know the skin graph didnt survive,and i think i will be back in hospital next week,its a bummer really cause the hill song confrence is starting next tuesday i hope i dont have to go hospital,but we will see i see plastic surgeon tuesday.didnt realise how bad this is man.anyways troops will keep u guys informed roger roger over and out lol.

I might not have ended the address with “lol,” but that’s Hunto for you — staring a potential career-ender right in the eye (sorry.  really sorry about that one.)  and talking to it like a child.  This surely isn’t the injury one wishes to deal as a 39-year-old, but there’s no questioning the guy’s toughness.  Here’s to a speedy return to at least 90%.

Meanwhile, where does he rank on the MMA staph infection power rankings?

(Photo by Bruce Fedyck at USA TODAY Sports)