When Dana White first called Randy Couture a backstabbing anti-man for teaming up with Bellator, the Natural just smiled and laughed it off, saying Dana gonna Dana. But now a month later it seems like one of White’s attacks actually did get under Randy’s skin: banning him from cornering his son Ryan.

“I don’t take any of that personal. I don’t really tune into it. In the day-to-day running of my life, it’s a small thing. But, when you start talking about somebody’s kids and their family, yeah, you’re crossing the line. I don’t think he would like it if I did those sorts of things to him. I know his wife, I know his kids. He’s got my sons fate in his hands in some way here. With Ryan competing and not allowing me to continue to progress and work with my son in his fight career is ridiculous and that bothers me. It bothers me that he could affect my son’s livelihood. My son has earned his spot. Ryan has done the work, he has the passion for the sport and he’s doing all of the right things. So for him to be hindered and hampered by Dana and Dana’s feelings towards me, it isn’t fair and that bothers me.”

This might actually develop into something more than a few words during interviews as it is unclear if Dana White even has the ability to keep Randy Couture out of his son’s corner – at least as far as commissions are concerned. They’re the ones who handle corner licensing and it’s a bit of a grey area as to whether a promoter is able to refuse entry to a licensed coach.

But that’s the legal side of things. On the human side, Dana White had a talk with Ryan Couture when everything went down and made it clear his dad wasn’t welcome anywhere near the league. For Ryan to then turn around and try to get his dad in anyways? That’s the kind of perceived slight that Dana doesn’t always handle very gracefully. Just ask Randy Couture about that.