It’s officially official! Chael Sonnen will face off against Shogun Rua on August 17th in Boston. As for why the fight wasn’t kept on the Winnipeg card, it actually had nothing to do with the UFC considering Winnipeg a second rate city that will take what they’re given and like it. Instead…

It was reported that visa issues created problems for Mr. Sonnen to get across the Canadian border, and therefore the fight was put off.

“Tonight I was home with my team studying the fights of my new opponent for UFC 161 when I got the sad news that Chael Sonnen can’t make it to the event,” stated Shogun.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the West Linn gangsta is a straight up convicted felon. Hell, we seem to have completely embraced Mike Tyson and forgiven him of much more serious crimes, so what’s a little money laundering to fans who love the Chael Sonnen show?

And what a show it will be for UFC on Fox Sports 1 1! Sonnen finally has an opponent he may be capable of beating, which certainly intrigues me more than his past big money crucifixions. You never know how the elastic bands holding Shogun’s knees together are holding up, or if he’ll come in with the cardio of an asthmatic. It is also quite possible he will show up looking just as badass as he did circa 2006. You never know with Shogun, and that’s gonna be half the fun of this fight. The other half? Racist Brazilian jokes.