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Blogging about the UFC can sometimes turn into the Dana White show and today is proof of that – this is the third ‘Dana says stuff’ post in a row. So we’re going to combine two excellent sources of Dana quotes into one post. Above, Dana’s post-press conference media scrum where he talks about Rory MacDonald’s reluctance to fight Georges St Pierre, Ronda Rousey’s dumb Sandy Hook conspiracy tweet, and Dan Miragliotta’s shite night in Sao Paulo amongst other things.

Then there’s also this huge Sports Illustrated interview that has tons of interesting quotes, including Dana’s opinion on what’s causing all these injuries:

They have new camps now, and you have to understand, for guys like [renowned MMA trainer] Greg Jackson, training the best [fighters] in the world is a business. I get it. So he has five to 10 guys training at the same time, all for their [own] fights. His 10 guys are all rolling together, and everybody is trying to kill each other. We never had these [injury] problems until we had these supercamps.

The fighters are just going to have to get smarter. [You get hurt and you] sit out for a year. That’s what guys have to understand: You’re out without a paycheck and missing so much opportunity. They’re going to have to figure out how to train smarter.

After the jump, Dana explains why he’s dubbed Justin Timberlake the biggest prick in the universe. He also talks about the time he lived with Mark Wahlberg and creeped out Robert De Niro. Really.

The Justin Timberlake is a Dick Story:

Recently me and my wife were at Nickelodeon Awards and we were backstage with the Black Eyed Peas in their dressing room hanging out.

First of all, this thing is in L.A., so every guy on the planet wants to get their kids backstage with all the people that are back there. They had Bieber, Selena Gomez, all these people are back there. So my kids are back there and they’re taking pictures with all these people and stuff.

There [are] no other kids backstage. No other kids. Just my kids, and I think I have Lorenzo’s daughter with me, too. This was a few years ago. You name it, A-list, all the A-listers that the kids would love are backstage.

The biggest d—head back there was Justin Timberlake.

Don’t say that.

Just such a complete jack off, yeah.

Blew your kids off?

Just couldn’t have been a bigger d—.

He’s a big UFC fan, I thought.

I don’t know if he’s a UFC fan or not, but I’m not a big Timberlake fan. Takes two seconds to say hi to a kid. Takes two seconds. I never run by anybody. If you’re a fan of the UFC and you like it or your kids like it, why would I not want to talk to you? Why would I not?

The Time Dana White and Mark Wahlberg were Roommates:

So 1995, 1996 I’m living here in Vegas. I move to L.A. for four months to live with Wahlberg. Live at his house and train him getting ready for boxing movie called the Vinnie Curto Story. Wahlberg was playing Vinnie Curto; Robert De Niro was playing Angelo Dundee…

So I’m out there training him and everything. I’m training him for this boxing movie. It’s cool. We’re out in L.A.

Actually, Wahlberg had just finished Boogie Nights. So I went to the Premier of Boogie Nights with him in New York, in L.A. We went through this whole thing.

It was a really cool, fun time training every day, boxing. So one day we’re at set and Robert De Niro comes in. De Niro is there because Angelo Dundee, they flew Dundee in. We’re in a room way smaller than this. Tiny little room, right? And Angelo Dundee is talking and Robert De Niro is filming him with a camcorder because he wants to get all of his mannerisms and see the way he talks and everything else.

So you’re De Niro and I’m me. We’re all standing up. So they get done with this whole thing with Dundee and we leave. I think we went and ate or something. Me and Mark went and ate and came back and Mark grabs me and pulls me aside and says, ‘Dana, you got to stop staring at Bobby. You’re freaking him out.’

I’m like, ‘Mark it’s f—ing Robert De Niro, man. I’m in a room with DiNiro and I guess I was staring at him the whole time.’ He’s like, I’m telling you man, if you don’t stop staring at him you’re not going to be able to go back in the room. You’re totally freaking him out. So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll stop staring at De Niro.’

But I got in the room, and holy f—, Robert DiNiro. So I think that’s the story I never told.

Read the entire Sports Illustrated interview here.