Due to a combination of pussy parents and lazy homeowners, Halloween has gone from a holiday where kids go out in costumes to collect candy to a holiday where adults go out in costumes and get right shitfaced. As a non-child (I am now officially a man-child), I don’t mind so much. I like getting shitfaced, and the right costume makes it harder for cops to track me down after I front kick some douchebag in a 300 costume, This is Sparta stylez.

MMA fighters also seem to get into the spirit, and to celebrate another year of Halloween shenanigans we’ve rounded up 30 of the best pictures of UFC fighters rocking out costumes.

Ryan Bader

Alistair Overeem

Kyle Kingsbury and Natasha Wicks

Rashad Evans

Chuck Liddell and Antonio Banuelos

Seth Petruzelli, the pound for pound #1 halloween costume master

Jens Pulver

Bryan Caraway and Miesha Tate

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