While ratings on the UFC’s latest FOX show improved greatly since last time, it’s still uncertain wether holding events on the same night as a Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr helps the UFC or hurts them. The UFC figures if you’re planning on watching the big boxing fight, chances are you wouldn’t mind checking out the UFC stuff going earlier.

But what if the boxing event completely overshadows your amazing night of fights? That’s what happened Saturday night when Manny Pacquiao got knocked the fuck out. Instead of talking about the amazing Matt Brown knockout or the Shogun / Gustafsson war, everyone is buzzing about the now-iconic images of Manny Pacquiao lying facedown on the canvas. Fans around the world are photoshopping the shit out of them … hell, even Justin Beiber got in on the action.

Now we’ve amassed a collection of the best 25 shoops, and we promise most of them aren’t variations on pro wrestlers about to slam Manny from the third rope. Only like three of them are. And that’s pretty good in my book.