Following her sound pummeling of Marloes Coenen at Invicta FC 6, Cris Cyborg mentioned something about fighting in Thailand in August. That something did not include the fact that she would be fighting twice in one night, but that’s apparently what she’s doing:

InvictaFC featherweight champion Cyborg Justino will go back into training as she will be a part of a huge Muay Thai card in Chiang- Mai, Thailand August 25 against two opponents in one night.

Cyborg will take on France’s top kickboxer Angelique Pitiot and Italy’s Annalisa Bucci, with one taking three rounds and the other two rounds. Both are world class kickboxers, and this will be the first time Cyborg has fought Muay Thai in Thailand.

What randomly bizarre news. You sometimes hear about kickboxers fighting multiple times in one night during a tournament, and who knows what strange fighting arrangements go on at events across Thailand. But having a big name like Cris Cyborg agree to fight two fresh opponents in one night seems somewhat unprecedented. In muay thai to boot! The woman certainly has some balls…