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Zuffa’s fights have just been better this year

With this month being pretty slow in the way of MMA events and news, a lot of websites have gone through a series of mid-year award thingies. Since I’m not even capable of pulling off an end of year awards thing without blowing it, I decided I’d rather just spend the time downloading pornography and putting Mr Kleenex’s kids through college. Meanwhile, I can still comment on their awards, like Bloody Elbow’s reader vote for best fights of 2010 so far:

  1. Garcia vs. Jung
  2. Leben vs. Akiyama
  3. Lesnar vs. Carwin
  4. Hominick vs. Jabouin
  5. Condit vs. MacDonald
  6. Bonnar vs. Soszynski
  7. Munoz vs. Grove
  8. Nogueira vs. Brilz
  9. Varner vs. Shalorus
  10. Rua vs. Machida

Notice anything? All ten of those are Zuffa fights. You actually have to go down to number 12 where ‘Team Mayhem vs Team Gracie’ gets mentioned (which admittedly kinda blows the legitimacy of the whole list) and Fedor vs Werdum comes in at #15 based more on the crazy upset than the quality of the fight.

Now I know what you’re thinking: there’s some questionable stuff on that list, glaring omissions and strange inclusions. But the main point here is that Zuffa wiped the floor with it’s opposition and for the most part I can’t disagree with that. Beyond all of the things that MMA promotions are doing wrong, one of the biggest issues they’re having is that their fights just haven’t been hitting the same level of epic the UFC has been.