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Zuffa proves again why foreign devils are not to be trusted

Zach Arnold has been walking around the past few days with a tent pitched in his pants, and you know what that means: JAPAN SCANDAL! In what everyone in America saw coming a mile away but apparently blindsided the Japanese, Zuffa pulled the plug on the Japanese PRIDE office, firing everyone with a phone call.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Actually, I am surprised that the office was even still open … sounds like a pretty sweet and easy job to have for a few months. Well, minus the soul-sucking aspect of not doing anything or knowing what’s going on. And then being fired over the phone and kicked out of the building. Okay, maybe that’s not the sweetest job ever, especially for those finicky Japanese. I’m sure there was much SHAME bestowed on everyone involved, many clenched fists, single tears, and shouts that Zuffa had no honor.

But hey, what was Zuffa to do? Japan has this hardcore attitude towards foreigners that makes doing business over there near impossible. To quote a western proverb, “Lucy ain’t ever going to let Charlie Brown kick that fucking football”. So it’s not really fair for them to get all pissy when Zuffa said stuff it and gave up on PRIDE.