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Zuffa owns the words ‘Cagefighting’ and ‘World’

If you were wondering what the circumstances behind the canceled WCO show were from the mouth of the WCO themselves, go check out this link. It’s an interesting read, but of course who knows if they’re telling the truth or not? The first half comes out sounding pretty reasonable, but then everything hits conspiracy land:

Now this is where things get interesting. One week out from the show Bellochi received an email from Zuffa lawyers informing him that they plan to sue him and shut his show down for using the name “World Cagefighting Organization”, stating it too closely resembled WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting). “They felt that the public would think it was a WEC show so our lawyers had to go back and forth and it came down to that we didn’t have to change the name but that was still only three days before the fight.”

Why did they include that bit of information in their story about the CSAC shutting them down? Because of this chaser statement:

With that behind him, Bellochi then received a text message from an agent who shall remain nameless telling him that: “The UFC doesn’t want this show happening Bruce, don’t be surprised if something happens and be ready for bumps in the road.”

The whole thing is sketch through and through, so I’ll just let you guys make up your minds as to what to think about that. I buy the idea that the Zuffa threatened to sue over the name World Cagefighting Organization, which is pretty creepy because it means they’re probably ready and willing to sue anyone with the words “Fighting Championship” in their names too. Or if you use an octagon. Or if you say “ultimate fighting” ever. Possibly even if you just think it. These Zuffa laywers are fucking serious!

  • I believe they have trademarks on the word submission as well.

  • frickshun says:

    They’re also trying to corner the market on frozen orange juice concentrate.

  • andres says:

    Fightlinker go order kotc bad boys hella funny its hella funny

  • Mike David (Euthyphro) says:

    The “unnamed agent” has to be Ken Pavia — his fingerprints were all over this show.

  • Xavier says:

    You should link the Meltzer story of this saga which actually deals with facts rather than the crazy bullshit that comes out of the mouth of the guy behind “WCO.”

    I guess you can be a scumbag prick and get away with it so long as you run the whole “blame everything on Zuffa so the dumb bloggers can talk conspiracies” angle.

  • We already linked the other side of the story. This one is linked as the WCO’s side and clearly comes off as batshit insane

  • kentyman says:

    Yeah, I think reserving “Submission” is the most ridiculous one:

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Jesus Christ. How the fuck is “submission” trademarked by the UFC? The Zuffa lawyers are out of control. America has like the most lawyers per capita in the world. “Intellectual property” rights in their current form are absolutely ridiculous. Back in the old days you held a copyright for like 20 years or so and the so-called “rights” restrictions were much less anal than today. Current intellectual property rights laws are anti-competitive and having life + 75 is a good way to maintain aristocracy and the idle rich class while discourage creativity and productivity.

  • #1 jackal says:

    Dont you already know this… ZUFFA owns your SOUL

  • operator says:

    First “Spike Lee” then “octagon”, “thats hot” where does it all end. Why stop there why not throw strikes, grappling and toe hold in there too.

  • I want them to copyright “Ken Shamrock” and “Randy Couture”

  • ajadoniz says:

    u think the ufc is bad, look at the shenanigans by the nfl. u cant view an nfl game on screen thats over a certain size.

  • JabberHead says:

    I just cracked up reading the headline. The “World” thing got me. Then I had to explain to my wife why that was funny…that sucked the joy right out of it.

  • Matt Boone says:

    Bassman hit us up asking to tell his full side of the story. So we’ll have that up soon, keep an eye out.