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Zuffa dragged kicking and screaming towards Couture judgement

Round 24 of the Randy Couture / Zuffa / HDNet legal love triangle came to an end yesterday, with Zuffa losing the right to drag the entire process out into a hellishly expensive and never-ending legal quagmire:

The District Court of Dallas County, Texas, denied Zuffa’s three motions to stay, delay and/or dismiss HDNet’s challenge of Couture’s promotional contract, on which Zuffa says the fighter still owes two bouts.

The decision opens doors for the court to hear HDNet’s motion for a summary judgment on June 2, a date that could conceivably offer resolution on Couture’s standing as a free agent.

I’d just like to point out the use of the word ‘conceivably’. Other current uses of the word ‘conceivably’ include “Hillary could still conceivably win” or “We could conceivably wean ourselves off foreign oil or money”. As far as words for propable events go, ‘conceivably’ is about as weak as it gets, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much on this being done before grass starts frosting up overnight in your area (longer if you happen to live in the Artic Circle). More likely come June 2nd, Zuffa will say their pen ran out of ink and the judge will reschedule another hearing in August.