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ZOMG Conspiracy!!

Will there ever be a time where EliteXC manages to pull off an event without an assload of drama going down? I’m starting to seriously doubt it. But when you stack the deck as hardcore as possible to give your ‘stars’ the advantage, you shouldn’t be surprised when people doubt the legitimacy of the things they see on your shows.

The biggest and loudest uproars coming out of the EliteXC show has to be the stoppage on the Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson fight. Personally, I was amazed that Thompson was even allowed into the ring considering how inflated and disgusting his ear was looking. So I’m really not too sure why people were surprised that the fight was stopped after James’ earsack literally popped. Personally, I would have loved to see what kind of uproar would have been caused if the fight went on for the extra 5 to 10 punches and Thompson had to have the ear removed. But for some reason I don’t think that would have been all that good for the sport.

As for the referee not stepping in when James Thompson had Kimbo Slice pinned down and was throwing weak ass fists and elbows … well, they were weak ass fists and elbows. I’ve never been a fan of fights being stopped on account of consecutive blows that aren’t doing much damage. Keeping people’s ears from falling off on network television, yes. Strikes that aren’t hurting your opponent? Not so much.

Anyways, I think it’s fair enough to debate the stoppages or lack thereof. There’s more than enough ammunition on both sides to re-enact World War 2 if ya wanted to. But to go down the road into tinfoil hat territory is kinda retarded.

  • Joon4s says:

    I’m not wearing tinfoil hat (yet), but one of the judges score second round for Kimbo:

  • Tertio says:

    Not only do i have my tinfoil hat firmly attached i also wear a gigantic garlic necklace and slept in a bath full of holy water.


    There i said it (again)

  • Carcass says:

    Right, lets be clear about this:

    Referees CANNOT stop a fight because of an injury. That is the DOCTOR’s job. What the hell are they playing at allowing Miragliotta to stop it without a medical consultation?
    And if it’s ‘Stoppage Due To Strikes’ well, that’s the first upright KO I’ve ever seen of JT. Indeed, the first KO where the fighter is completely OK… :(

  • Tertio says:

    Carcass is right. In soviet russia when a ref thinks a cut is too deep or the fighter cant see shit or an ear is about to fall off he times out the fight to let a doc look at it.

  • I guess I don’t really have a tin foil hat but more like tinfoil visor on. I think sub contiously Big Dan wanted to keep the fight as tv friendly as possible so he stopped the fight once James looked dazed enough to warrant an at least plausible stoppage. It also helped that his ear exploded, it never would have come off and you know that. Go listen to James talk about with TJ Desantis yesterday.

  • supercrap says:

    I would have loved to have seen an emergency stoppage where the referee called out “Are there any black belts in the audience? ANY BLACK BELTS AT ALL? THESE MEN NEED GRAPPLING INSTRUCTION URGENTLY…”

  • dude says:

    jt actually won his fight against don frye with a “standing ko.” Frye was eating shots but wasn’t going down so the ref stepped in.

  • ^ thats only because Don Frye is stronger than gravity.

  • Tertio, judges in general have been proven to be idiots. Look at Cecil Peoples and his record of going against the grain in multiple fights. He’s done some stupid shit as well. Somehow he gave Marcus Aurelio the win over Clay Guida on his scorecard. There are more dumbshits than you think judging, doesn’t surprise me.

  • MarleyMarl says:

    So many people are complaining about the stoppage, but I think it was fine, Kimbo had him rocked on his feet. Anyway the event sucked, just something about EliteXC that’s shit.

    What about Frank Mir’s nut hugging of Faber though in the WEC card.

  • Carcass says:

    “jt actually won his fight against don frye with a “standing ko.” Frye was eating shots but wasn’t going down so the ref stepped in.”
    True, but:
    He ate shots for a good 20 seconds.
    He was trapped in the corner
    He had his hands down and was blatantly out on his feet.

    None of which apply to JT/Kimbo.

  • BeastieBoy says:

    I didn’t get to watch the main event Saturday night because I recorded it, and of course it went over the 2 hours alloted. So I read about the “controversy” Sat. night before I got to watch it. After I finally got to watch the fight Sunday, I have to say Thompson deserved to lose that fight. His ground game was horrible. Great gameplan taking Kimbo down, that’s the only way he would get past the first two minutes, but damn, he had several chances to take the mount from the side guard he was in. Kimbo didn’t know what to do. Then he could have come down with real punches and elbows. I don’t like the outcome, and I’ve always been a fan of the Colossus, but this lose is his own damn fault.

  • Tertio says:


    Why would you try to mount when you are in side controle with your opponents arms trapped leaving his face totally exposed ?

    And tell me again why JT deserved to lose ? Cause his ground game was terrible ? If JTs ground game was terrible and deserving of a loss, Kimbos ground game is deserving of what ? Castration ?

  • Asa says:

    Kimbo ain’t been in the game as long as “JT.” Perhaps that’s the difference in judging their ground game. Not apologizing for Kimbo -he truly sucked balls- just saying that comparing his game to someone who’s done this for years is weird.

    Why does nobody mention that JT looked dumbsmacked and knee-loose, and Marigliotta (?) just thought to himself “Hell I ain’t Japanese, this shit’s got to stop.” I think he acted responsibly.

  • Asa says:

    Holy shit that fight sucked.

  • Tertio says:

    Man the point of having 2 guys fighting is just that: To compare their ground game, stand up, conditionning to see who is the better fighter that night (like GSP would say)

  • dude says:

    yeah, not really the same situation.

    Now imagine if that’s how the fight on Saturday had ended…

  • Tertio says:

    Even Bas thinks the fight should have been stopped in the second :

  • marshal says:

    Thanks for the bloodyelbow link. jemaleddin is a funny motherfucker in the comments section too, HAHA!

  • P W says:

    And some people say Heath Herring sucks… Herring vs. Chestnar suddenly appears as a Gracie vs. Sakuraba level fight after seeing this appalling turd.

  • Asa says:

    I’ve heard numbers like 20 and 40 being thrown around, has Fightmetric or someone else come in with the exact number of shots JT threw in that crucifix? Just morbid curiosity.

  • you know says:

    @14, As someone who was around JT during the week, I would have to say he trained extremely hard for this fight because it was well, his chance. He knew he’d been losing a lot and you’re not entertaining at a certain point — no matter how wildly you swing your arms — if you keep losing. Remember my thing on cans? They have to win occasionally. His corner felt confident of their game plan and they came to win rather than put on a quick show.

    Now I’m glad you’re addressing the tin foil hat folks because REALLY, if the show was that awful to everyone, try to imagine it comes from mismanagement or just general lack of organization, then realize that there’s just no way EliteXC is organized enough (nor stupid enough to only pay off one judge) to “plan” all these mistakes.

  • kwagnuth says:

    Even before his ear popped they showed some slow mo of JT getting punched in the face and his ear flopping around. That was funnyKimbo did him a favour by popping that thing he should have had it delt with before the fight. Turns out Kimbo was giving the thumbs up. I thought he was tapping too but I noticed he wasn’t making contact with JT’s arm I actually thought he was just thinking about tapping then changed his mind.

  • money says:

    conspiracy theorist are giving EliteXC way to much credit… i think they were concentrating on the dancing flag girls more then paying off every one staff at NJACB

  • Asa says:

    Tertio, I completely misread what you were saying to BeastieBoy, my bad man. I actually combined them in my head and they formed something utterly ridiculous. I’ve read too many comments about this and they’re all starting to blend together.

    person from – I don’t understand your first paragraph in relation to my post. But I was glad he took him down.

  • Victor says:

    you’re one of the only people who have made complete sense speaking about this fight.

  • Wu Tang says:

    I dont know why everyone thinks it was conspiracy, on my artical that i wrote, it was nothing but controversy, yet conspiracy? Referee has a conscious that dictates a fight, and in this case, kimbo has put his thumbs up to signal his ability to fight! Which playd into Dan’s calling for the fight. Many factors come into play, everyone has to understand taht. And at teh press conference, the air wasnt ‘how Gary Shaw paid someone,’ rather it was just a cool down of the entire event! Overall iloved the event, every fight had its unique qualities, and if you are an MMA lover, then these fights were for you! Granted it had some bad calls, bad officating, bad what ever, but thats the drama that comes into MMA. Do you seriusly think that James T. would come into the fight knowing JUST to get knocked out? He trained his ass off and look at teh result, a puss blood filled left ear! he was serioulsy training ground game, which he KNEW he would bring kimbo onto the ground, trying to do his best to best Slice. He did, but James’ cardio didnt keep up with his training. Overall it was a fight, a good fight, you can look onto these fighers past to try to dictact their current or future fights, but bas puts it better; ‘you learn from your mistakes.’ And this came, Kimbo has alot to learn, his 4th fight you guys!

    Would you guys say conspiriacy if kimbo was a demi-god on teh ground and instead of being a stand up fighter? That question doesnt make sense at first, but let it sink in…

  • Dum Dum says:

    Asa – 84 strikes to the head, while on the ground, from JT in Rd. 2… hehe

  • crs says:

    Yeah I swore he was tapping out while watching the show live, but in the YouTube replay he isn’t, it looks like he’s waving his hand and then giving a thumbs up to his corner. Although Thompson thought he did too because he said “He tapped!”

    What made it look fishy was right after the “He tapped!” they suddenly cut to a crowd shot like Fox Sports did to PRIDE shows when they had knees to a downed fighter. That made absolutely no sense so in my drunken state I was calling a sham while it was happening and on Monday until I rewatched it.

    Nobody can explain away the stand up from side control. That NEVER happens in fights. And I know for a fact that referee allowed much less to go on in his UFC fights in side control and let them continue. I’m sure he was told “Help out Kimbo if you can” but I don’t think they wanted anything noticable.

    There’s tons of questionable stoppages in MMA so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it was just an over-reaction on his part and not putting the screws to Thompson. It was definitely early, though. And whomever compared it to Thompson-Frye must not have seen the fight, because people (namely Zack Arnold) were bashing that for going on too long.