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Zombie Pride bites HERO’s

Are you having a hard time trying to understand what the fuck is going on in Japan with K1 and Zombie Pride teaming up and killing HERO’s to create something new? Yeah, me too. But fortunately this is where Zach Arnold comes in handy. He’s like a filter for all the shit that goes on over there: odd and confusing info comes in, and Zach translates it into something that makes at least a bit of sense. He’s honed this by trying to understand Japanese Pro Wrestling for over a decade or something, and god only knows how retarded that stuff is.

The story of the day is this report about a new Japanese event produced by K-1 and DSE called “Dreams.” The long and the short of it — K-1 gets all the TV revenue, DSE gets the house show revenue, and Akira Maeda is gone. This makes total sense given what has been speculated on this site for the past two weeks — that Ishii, in jail, is calling the shots and is basically isolating all MMA companies from TV except for K-1.

This leaves DSE (w/ Sakakibara’s production company helping) to basically do all the work and apply the elbow grease. Ishii and K-1 get the easy TV money while DSE has to work for their cash. K-1 is in total control of the major Japanese MMA scene for 2008.

So it sounds like Zombie Pride really is back from the dead, and will be throwing more shows just like Yarennoka. K1’s only involvement will be feeding this stuff to TV. Say what you will about sketchy Yakuza involvement, but I’m kinda excited about this. Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation or the fun we had on the site as we all watched the event on our laptops and blogged together, but shows like that are what cemented me as a die hard MMA fan.

  • Márcio says:

    I liked the Yarennoka show. On the other hand the K-1 show really sucked. So these seems like a great ideia, let the pride guys put up the shows and K-1 should remain as the pimp, i think it suits them.

  • Smark says:

    Arnold is OK at translating stuff from Japanese, but his biggest skill by far is self-congratulation.

  • Thonas says:

    I’m glad Dana White decided to not rurn attempt to run in Japan. The Yarennoka show was good. Just wish they had Fedor fight someone close to his skill level.