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Zelg Galesic off DREAM.8 for some reason

What is up with sketchy fighter pullouts in Japan? First Hellboy Hansen gets yanked from Dynamite last second with a sketchy head injury and now Zelg Galesic is off of DREAM.8 because of ‘blood work’. Are the English reports out there losing something in translation? and reported that Zelg most likely won’t be fighting at Dream 8 against Nakahara. Zelg didn’t pass the medical test – his blood work did not come out right. Zelg’s camp is reporting that the blood work came out bad because of over training and exhaustion.

It is also reported that Zelg was also on a strict diet due to the fact he needed to lose some pounds. Earlier today Zelg was admitted into a hospital for treatment and is supposed to be there for 7 days. Dream is now looking for a possible replacement to fight the Brazilian Andrews Nakahara, Kyokushin kaikan karate champ.

Supposed to be in the hospital for 7 days? From over training and exhaustion? And isn’t DREAM 8 on April 5th? How is a blood test taken over 2 weeks away from the event knocking him off the card? Sketchy.