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Yushin Okami injured again

Yushin Okami has a slowly growing group of people who like to make a big fuss about the Japanese fighter never getting a title shot. But I don’t think there’s a serious effort by the UFC to fuck him out of his turn … he just keeps getting injured every time he’s about to get his turn. Between two serious hand injuries and a torn knee ligament issue that just happened, I’m actually amazed that Okami has managed to fight at all last year.

Anyways, as mentioned above Yushin has injured himself again so that’s another layoff and another delay to Yushin’s title aspirations. His fight with Dan Miller at UFC 98 will now feature everyone’s favorite braggadocio Chael Sonnen instead. Originally Ed Herman was looking like a lock but we suspect Sonnen begged it away since he hadn’t fought since February and wasn’t originally set to return until August.