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You’re killin’ me, Pettis

Anthony Pettis got kinda lost in all the post-event craziness around UFC 136, which isn’t surprising given the number of fun talking points that came out of the event. Personally, I’ve spent most of my time feeling bad for making fun of Kenny “Sadface” Florian for losing another title shot with the “lean on ’em” gameplan. But as the afterglow of Frank Edgar’s win, Chael’s call-outs, and Kenny’s massive fail fades, perhaps we can turn to Anthony Pettis to keep the conversation going:

When you go the UFC, it’s not all about show-time kicking and knocking everybody out. You get people down, you hold people down and you win fights.

Arrrrrrrgh. What hath Clay Guida wrought?! The above quote comes from “Showtime’s” post-fight interview with, and what a boner-wilter it is. Pettis has been deservedly hyped as one of the most entertaining fighters at 155, with dynamic striking, competent jiu-jitsu, and a rep for putting on fun fights, so it’s kind of a fucking bummer that he appears to be in the early stages of blanket-itis. Granted Pettis went on to say that he wasn’t satisifed with the win or his performance, so maybe he’ll be back to throwing crazy strikes in no time but it appears the cold reality of life under the ten-point-must system might mean we never get to see shit like this again from Pettis.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Oh my fucking god – he’s actually paralyzed by vaginitis.  God forbid he learns how to get the fuck up.

  • frickshun says:

    All of these skinny guys suffer from it. Thanks to their frame, they are not strong enough @ their natural weight class. Eventually they go down in weight & struggle there b/c they’re too skinny. Why can’t these fuckers put on a little muscle?? Hell, Reem did it. RIGHT?!

  • CAP says:

    Thems the facts about the LW division, wrestler heavy. DJs on it you need to be able to keep the fight where you want it and use your strengths(gtf up). But you have to close that big wrestling hole in your game to do it.

    But it’s sad that one of the most dynamic fighters is reduced to this huggy strategy.
    A Pettis/Guillard fight could be tits!

  • Narcisist says:

    I dont think it means he will lay n pray, I think it means he will become a more dangerous fighter. I am glad that is getting better on the ground and improving his wrestling. This means it will make him harder to take down when he does decide to do crazy shit.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    He needed a win badly and exploited his opponent’s weakness. Standing and banging would have been fun, but it would also play right into Stephens’ strength. Smart fight and a needed win for Pettis.

  • Reverend Clint says:


  • lukustra says:

    frick i couldnt agree with you more. thats all I kept saying about Kenny Skelator Florian during the fight. The dude has good muai thai and good gnp but cant get anyone down or even rock people on his feet cuz he has the muscle mass of a 13 year old girl. You can tell that Kenny virtually lifts no weights and probably uses only body weight, cardio, and mma training. Kenny’s natural weight class should be welterweight, and thats where he should be. He should take a year off and try to put on a solid 10 pounds of muscle, go back to LW maybe for a fight and then back up to welterweight. Stop being a scrub and trying to use height as an advantage. Its embarassing when a 145er is twice as strong as a dude that use to fight at middleweight.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:


    I’m not saying I liked the fight or that it was particularly entertaining. I’m just pointing out that Pettis would have been fucked if he had lost – proper fucked. A former title contender losing two in a row in his first stint in the UFC would not be a good thing. He would have been cut or at least relegated to the undercard with no chance of working his way back up for a few years. Losing would have cost him dearly as he had not won a fight in the UFC – he was still unproven in the big show.

    Pettis did what he needed to do to guarantee a win and now he’s in a safe spot on the roster. Let’s see what he does in his next bout before we give up on him.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i was calling pettis a fag not you

  • CAP says:

    you fags are right.

  • Camila says:

    @pokiepoke haha bullshit!! did you see brock laensr vs cain velasquez? if you say there isnt any aggression in that fight i seriously think that you just should shut up and by the way in ufc the people are PROFESSIONAL . if you try to be aggressive you are pretty much gonna be fucked up